Monday, October 3, 2011

Etsy Shop Feature - Mynski and Libelle too

A HUGE thank you to Mynski & Libelle Too of Etsy for the wonderful donation to Courage for Kristi! Britt's lovely creations were a big hit last year and I know they will be again this year! Please take a moment and learn a little bit more about this wonderful Etsy artist!

How long have you been crafting?
I've been crafting since I was really young. I remember begging to go to the craft stores instead of the toy stores when I was little.

When did you turn your hobby into a business?
My crafting became a business when I lost my job in June 2010. I opened my first Etsy shop to sell my handmade jewelry and photography prints. Photography has been an obsession for me just as long as crafting has. From there I have expanded to 2 shops for my various wares.

What is your favorite Etsy shop?
There are so many awesome shops on Etsy it's hard to pick a favorite. I think Jude McConkey's shop is great. I found her shop when I first joined Etsy and was checking out the photo competition. I love her moody, sort of creepy images. She's a very talented
How has Breast Cancer affected your life?
I have been very fortunate not to have had too many close friends or relatives who have had Breast Cancer, but I do know many people who have. My best friend's mother had a double mastectomy a few years ago, and tomorrow she goes for a biopsy for a very rare, very aggressive form of cancer that attacks the tailbone or base of the skull. She and her family have already been through so much it's hard to see them go through this too.

I donate to Courage For Kristi because I have seen how much families suffer when a loved one is diagnosed with any cancer. Kristi's girls deserve to know that her life mattered to many people, and they deserve to have the best life they can in her abscence. I think the college funds that will come from the proceeds are a great way to acomplish those things.

Thank you so much Britt for all of your support!!! Your generousity is amazing!

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