Monday, September 26, 2011

Etsy Shop Feature - MedBling

I am so excited to feature the wonderful shop MedBling!!! Sarah contacted me to donate one of her gorgeous breast cancer ribbon badge reels to Courage for Kristi...and it sold today! Thank you Sarah!
Let's meet Sarah of MedBling:
How long have you been crafting? I've been crafting for as long as I can remember. I probably started trying to see my creations around 3rd grade. I had painted faces onto rocks and thought they were the greatest things ever. God bless my neighbors that politely purchased them :)

When did you turn your hobby into a business? I've been making badge reels and stethoscope IDs for family and friends for about two years now, but only decided to bring them to Etsy a few moths ago. It's been fun and exciting to have people purchase my items and I didn't even have to smile and beg :)

What is your favorite Etsy shop? Oh gosh, I have dozens and dozens on my favorites between my original user (where I used to spend all my time buying!) and my selling account. If I had to pick just one, I'd say that right now I spend most of my time oogling over the wreaths created by Posh Therapie ( I recently ordered one for my mom for her birthday!!

How has Breast Cancer affected your life? My Nannie, her mom and sisters all battled breast cancer. I was just 11 years old when my Nannie was first diagnosed. I can remember watch my mom cry and yet my grandmother was strong and had absolute faith in her cure. She just celebrate her 19th year in remission :) My family has a happy ending, but I know so many others that don't and it breaks my heart. I wear pink for those I love who have battled this awful disease.

Thank you Sarah for your generous donation!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Etsy Shop Feature - MegsCrochetJewels

Thank you to Meghan of MegsCrochetJewels for donating to Courage for Kristi for the second year in a row! Please check out her gorgeous creations and learn a little more about her below:

How long have you been crafting?

I have been crocheting since before i can remember! I actually don't even remember learning it's just always been a part of me:) I started crocheting wire about 5 years ago when I became interested in wire and bead art. I translated it over to crocheting and was HOOKED! Pun intended:)

When did you turn your hobby into a business?

I always crocheted baby blankets and scarves for gifts but when I started on the jewelry I always had it in my mind that I wanted to make it a business. At first it was just selling at little craft fairs and to family and friends. When I first started my Etsy shop I didn't know a lot and I just opened it and left it alone. About a year passed before I found a wonderful Etsy group and they put me on the right road.

What is your favorite Etsy shop?

You mean besides the Courage for Kristi shop right!;) Wow! That's a really hard question! It has evolved over time and I think now every month I have a new obsession! The last thing that I Favorited was a trio of spiders from This shop is really neat and I just love the Rusted Metal!

How has Breast Cancer effected your life? (if you are comfortable answering this question)

I have been fortunate in that I don't know anyone or have lost anyone to Breast Cancer. I do however have that fear in the back of my mind just because it is so prevalent. I do my monthly breast exams religiously and always try to remind others to do them as well. I also think it is important for women to know the risks of things like birth control that can increase your risks for the cancer.

Thank you Meghan!

Don't forget to shop for a cause at

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Etsy Shop Feature - Poirier's Crafts & Creations

I would like to introduce a wonderful Etsy shop Poirier's Crafts & Creations who I met through the Etsy For The Cure Team. 100% of proceeds from her shop sales go to the Maine Cancer Foundation!!! Shop for a cause!

1. How long have you been crafting?
Man that's a great question!! As long as I can remember! When I was little like 6, I started to draw then the older I got I started to paint. I would paint anything I could get my hands on. Like rocks and wooden cut outs. At 12 I started sewing too. It just snowball from there. I tried selling my crafts and artwork at flea markets and nothing really became of it.

2. When did you turn your hobby into a business?
love working with my hands so I started working at a furniture store that made new cabinet, bookcase, and a ton of items, but they closed so I worked for a clothes pin factory....yep the wooden ones with the springs. Then that place closed and I found another place to work with furniture. Only this time it was with anitque furniture that need to be repaired and finished. I have worked there for 8 years now. I got laid off in Nov of 2010 for 9 months. Now being a person that has to be working with her hands I couldn't just sit home doing nothing so I started making jewelry which I have never done before. I started making so much I had no idea what to do with it. Some told me about Etsy, and that's when it all started. Now I'm selling some at two stores in my town. I also sell from baskets my friends and family take to their work. Now that I'm back to work I'm really busy doing all this stuff and I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way!

3. What is your favorite Etsy shop?
That is one question I have no one answer for! I have fallen in love with sooooo many shops. I have met so many great crafters and bead salers. Etsy has something for everyone and I love that.

4. How has breast cancer affected your life?
I will have to say I'm a lucky one and found out that the lumps that I have are just fatty tissue (they are keeping an eye on them), but having the doctors make a special appointment scared the crap out of me. That same year I heard on my favorite radio station Q97.9 a Breast Cancer Fundraiser call Cans For A Cure! I thought to myself I need to do it. So my family and I for 5 years now go around getting cans and bottles from everyone we know and help out the fundraiser. I have also met a woman that started Etsy the same time as me. We started chatting every night and she told me she had breast cancer! We are very close now and I'm glad to call her my Etsy Sister! So when I'm helping out I think of her.

Please visit Poirier's Crafts & Creations and shop for a cause!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Etsy Shop Feature - Sallie Bear

I would like to introduce a wonderful Etsy shop SallieBear and generous crafter behind the shop - Diane. As soon as I sent out a call for help to support Courage for Kristi, Diane was quick to respond. Here is a little about her and your lovely crochet shop:

Fabulous Fuschia Hand Knit Hat with Gold Tone Button
Fuschia Hand Knit Hat by SallieBear
SallieBear on Etsy
1. How long have you been crafting?
I've been crafting (knit, crochet, sew, etc) since junior high school.

2. When did you turn your hobby into a business?

After my own two children got older, I began looking for ways to use my skills to benefit others. I have a website dedicated to charity crafting - I also am the chapter coordinator for Bronx HeadHuggers - you can read the announcement on the yarngarde site. My Etsy shop allows me to support my yarn habit and make all the items I can then give away.

3. What is your favorite Etsy shop?

I certainly cannot pick out just one (or even ten) favorite Etsy shops. Everyone one is so talented and just about every shop has something I would love to purchase.

4. How has breast cancer affected your life?

As for Breast Cancer, my mother is a 24 year survivor.

Crochet Water Bottle Cozy - DONATED by SallieBear
Water Bottle Cozy donated to

Please visit Diane's beautiful shop SallieBear on Etsy and check out her lovely donations on

Thank you Diane!


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Thank you Art Beyond Eye Candy!

Thank you to Connie for blogging about our Breast Cancer Charity. You can read her wonderful posting here:

Art Beyond Eye Candy


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is right around the corner and I have been brainstorming trying to come up with a new design for the Courage For Kristi shop. Since pink earrings were the focus for the last two years (I am partial to earrings), I decided to try something new.

What do you think?

Courage Bracelet

Believe Bracelet

Thank you for all of your support. Please pass on the word!