Friday, September 11, 2009

Pink, pink, pink!

My world now revolves around the color pink! I guess that was bound to happen with two little girls, but I still feel sorry for my poor husband. Not really a fan of bright colors (my favorite color is white…odd I know), I catch myself drawn to all objects that are pink now. Maybe it is out of love for my sweet little girls, or maybe I am expanding my color palette, I wanted to share a few gorgeous items that have caught my eye lately.

Felted Flower with Long Crocheted Lariat/Scarf/Necklace/Bracelet by
BigFrozenMelon. What an amazing piece of wearable art!

To celebrate my little Baby Bird’s (as she likes to be called) third birthday, we are creating a beautiful room of pink and white. This photograph from AmeliaKayPhotography would look lovely on her wall.

Picking flowers is one of our favorite past times and it would be great to use this adorable bud vase by Clay Haven to keep pink roses and other blooms from our garden.

And then a little pink for me…WOW would I love to make something with these beauties from OMGTourmaline! I can just hear my daughter begging me to make a necklace for her out of these stones.


  1. Such a lovely collection of pinks. Sweet vase, any flower would loook so pretty!

  2. So many gorgeous pinks, I have fallen in love with the felt flower! Have a sweet day! x

  3. Lovely collection! I am becoming more of a fan of pink. I grew up completely anti-pink and my Mom loved pointing out to me recently that there is a lot of pink in my Etsy shop. lol :-) Ah well...