Thursday, September 3, 2009

My purchases...

Ok, I thought it may be interesting to tell you about things that I have purchased and really loved.

Purchase #1
Early this summer I bought an oversized purse thinking that I needed something huge to keep my mom necessities (wallet, keys, phone, animal crackers, wet ones, back up toys, etc.) After all, I now have two little ones which means more stuff, right? WRONG. I need both arms to carry one and hold the other's hand and the huge purse just gets in the way. After leaving the uncharacteristically large purse in the car for months and sticking things in my pocket or hand carrying my wallet instead, I decided I needed a change. Big was not the answer, I needed something small. A wristlet! Yes!

It took me awhile to find what I wanted, but I am so happy with my purchase! A Zippered Wristlet in Chocolate Lollipop fabric from AprilsOriginals I was giddy with anticipation of my new little saviour. It arrived just in time for my little European excursion for work and made the perfect accessory toting my passport, money, and camera.

I love it so much I am already shopping for my next one! Different colors for different outfits of course.

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