Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cure for Sarcoma...

Calling all shoppers AND crafters!!! Please take a look at this wonderful upcoming event hosted by the wonderful Rachel of Paper Cakes by Rachel of Etsy.

Personally, I love to mix my love of crafting with supporting beautiful charities. I found this wonderful opportunity through this Tradeaholic teammate who recently lost her loving mother to Sarcoma.

Here is Rachel's message:

Greetings to our Family, Friends, and Community,

We are writing to see if you would be interested in contributing to our important event. Our success depends on your contributions. We are aware that in these economic times, making a contribution for a cause can be challenging. Our event, Shop for the Cure, will raise money to fund research and raise awareness for Sarcoma. We are requesting that you donate one or more items that will be sold during our online event being held April 8th-10th. 100% of the purchase price for you item(s) will benefit our cause. Your generosity will be recognized by your name appearing on our website as being an important contributor to this special event.

The cause is living and fighting Sarcoma, a rare cancer that affects approximately 12,000 Americans each year. Sarcoma is an aggressive form of cancer. It represents 15% of all childhood cancers and 1% of adult cancers. Although there have been some advances in treating the side effects of chemotherapy, there has been virtually no significant progress in finding newer treatment methods for all forms of Sarcoma. Shop for the Cure is in partnership with the Sarcoma Foundation of America. The research funded at the Sarcoma Foundation of America relies on contributions from everyday people; people who want to find a cure.

Our mission is to build awareness for Sarcoma and raise funds for research to find a cure. It was an extremely painful experience to watch my Mother suffer due to cancer. We do not want others to go through what she and so many have endured. So we ask you from the bottom of our heart to please contribute in her honor and for all of those who have lost their battle with Sarcoma.

Every gift truly makes a difference. We hope that despite the current economy, you will still consider a generous donation as we continue to strive to raise awareness and find a cure.

Sincerely yours,

Rachel Schroeder

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