Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trade Frenzy part deux!

The trade-a-holic team struck again last weekend and I tried to control myself. Key word here is "tried." I should get a little pat on the back b/c I did not trade as much as I did in October ;)
Take a look at my loot and the wonderful new shops I met!
1. Felt play food from theLittleLoveBug
2. Handmade envelopes from PAPERJoy
3. The cutest pom pom wands!!!! rainbowstardesigns
4. Pomegranite soap by YourTimeBodyTreats
5. Cupcake shaped soap by SudsNSuch
6. Pizza shaped fun soap by SudsNSuch
7. Little girl jumper by starrclothing
8. Cupcake youth sized apron by susanstreasures
9. Photograph by applelovesorange
10. Polymer clay miniatur bear handmade by Natbears
11. Floral wristlet by NiteLily3
12. apple cozies (so cute!) by PanAsh
13. Dish cloths by jdfootloose
14. Custom Lovable Letters by celizabethdesigns
15. Custom made twirly skirt by ReadingBunky

Please visit all of these shops as I am sure that you will find wonderful presents for family and friends for the holiday season...just try not to buy everything ;)

Happy shopping!


  1. A big thanks! for the good coments about the items in my shop! I wope we can trade again the soon! Teresa Rain-Bow-Star

  2. Thanks for adding in my wristlet to there! I also got trades from sudsnsuch and paperjoy! Paperjoy has awesome stuff, this is my second trade with her!!!

    Enjoy it all!

  3. Looked like a great trading weekend! Sorry I missed out!

  4. Thanks so much for the wonderful trading experience. What a rush!

  5. Did I trade with you,lol? I did so much of it, I can hardly keep up. But of course, I did, because I got these gorgeous earrings from you.
    Thank you for turning me on to your style of elegant and sophisticated jewelry. I would love to trade with you again sometime.

  6. (Joy) (see thread above),
    Thanks for the compliments on my shop Meghan! If you would ever like to do another trade, hit me up :).

  7. Thanks for showing off my letters! Of course now I feel like I'm addicted to trading with you - what with my two pairs of earrings AND necklace. Thanks again :)

  8. Wow what great trades! I am so glad We traded too. I know your items will be a big hit under my Christmas tree! Thanks so much for trading for my Felt Play Food. Now to check out the pizza soap. How cool is that?

  9. LOL, you did some great trades, Julie!! It's always a lot of fun to trade with you, you have such cool shops.