Saturday, January 26, 2013

Julie Ellyn Designs on The Vampire Diaires

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I thought we would have to wait until next week, but Elena was wearing the Goddess bracelet the entire episode this past Thursday! How could I have missed that? LOL

Episode 4x11 still shots from the CW



To celebrate this wonderful Julie Ellyn Designs Debut, I will be giving away the Elena Goddess Bracelet to one lucky winner!!!!  ENTER HERE at the Daily Dose of Handmade
starting 27 January!
Winner will be announced 7 February!!!!


  1. ooh, I'm all over this! congrats, Julie!!

  2. So in love with all of your pieces, especially the bracelets.

    I just entered (I think the first time I've entered an ETSY give-away) but I may be disqualified b/c I don't have Twitter-- please note that I don't, sorry.