Monday, October 26, 2009

Trading Frenzy Loot!!!!

Hello, my name is Julie and I am a Tradeaholic. There, I said it. Now I get to show you all of the wonderful loot I aquired during Sunday's Trading Frenzy! Thank you to all of the Etsians who participated! It was a blast. If you are new to Etsy, I HIGHLY recommend that you join the trading team or just ask other shops if they would be interested in trading wares. It never hurts to ask!
MaddieBee123 is making the cutest ruffle bottom pants and Fleur de lis top for my little one. How precious are her outfits!!!!

PeculiarParchment is my go to shop when I need note cards. My staple order is always the 2x2 thank you note cards. Tons of designs! Check them out!

Beautiful and functional wristlet key fobs from TracyDesigns. Some will be gifts...but I am definitely keeping one for myself!

I have been eyeing vinyl decal shops since I joined Etsy b/c what a perfect way to add a little character to your home without spending an arm and a leg. I just hope my husband likes this monogram from HouseHoldWords as much as me ;)

My very first trade was with Skadoodles. Too cute!!!! Please check out her shop and all of the wonderful personalized t-shirts she can create.
I do not have pics of them yet, but will be sure to post the personalized ornaments that CrayonPrincess is handpainting for my girls. Please check out her shop and amazing skills
OH! !And I also traded for the gorgeous earrings from Leeya and the hilarious t-shirt from notyourmomsvinyl (list in Friday Favorites post). How lucky am I? I just hope everyone likes their jewelry as much as I like my goodies!


  1. looks like you did really well.

    from Maddiebee123's mother pottery123@etsy

  2. oooh i love that first dress especially! so cute :)

  3. Soo, did your hubby enjoy the vinyl decal too? :)